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Weekly Email 6/17: What’s new with SBCGO?


Together, We Will Win
But We Can’t Do It Without You!!!
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June Monthly Meeting
Our June meeting is coming up and we’d love to see you all again – please mark your calendars and plan on joining us Thursday June 24th at 6pm at Redlands Shooting ParkWe are welcoming special guest, Second Amendment Attorney Bruce Colodny! Bruce will provide us with some important updates but in addition to the latest on all things second amendment, hang out with other gun owners, collect your membership lapel pin (if you’ve not picked yours up already), and have some pizza on us!
Step Up Your Volunteer Game!
We’re excited to introduce our new Gun Shops & Table Tops program for San Bernardino County Gun Owners! We make volunteering fun and you’ll be making an impact getting the word out into the community about our organization.
Help us talk to your fellow SB County residents about the importance of them becoming members of SBCGO and how we are the ONLY local 2A political action committee dedicated to fighting to preserve our precious 2A rights. 
We continue to roll out additional volunteer dates/locations so make sure to check back frequently on our website to sign up and remember for every shift you volunteer it equals one entry into our quarterly drawing to win an amazing Front Sight Commander Membership! 
CCWs Stop Hate Crimes in their Track
ABC News reports on an effective way to stop an assault: pull your legally owned and carried gun. “A man has been charged with a hate crime after verbally abusing and physically assaulting a family of Asian descent while on vacation in Florida.” Here’s a great example of how someone with a firearm was able to protect himself and his family from someone allegedly committing a hate crime. And he did it without having to fire a shot.
Read the article HERE
Gun Owners Radio: “If looks could kill”, conceal carry clothing for the modern woman
On this week’s episode of Gun Owners Radio we welcome back Amy Robbins, CEO of Alexo Athletica talks about her line of conceal carry clothing for the modern woman on the go, the upcoming launch of her new men’s line. We also talk to John Cox, Gubernatorial candidate, Joe Drammissi with a gear review on the new Comfort Concealment belt, and MORE!
Recoil Magazine
RECOIL is a firearms lifestyle publication for the modern shooting enthusiast. Every issue features the latest guns, gear, accessories, technology, plus reviews and buyer’s guides. RECOIL’s gear coverage includes everything from watches and survival equipment to vehicles that appeal to the modern shooter’s lifestyle.
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We Need You On Our Side!
Together, We Will Win
But We Can’t Do It Without You
We need both people and money in the fight for our Second Amendment Rights. We will continue to elect 2A friendly officials that will make a difference in San Bernardino County
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