The Anti Gun Movement Can Be Scary
Going through a door with an unknown adversary on the other side takes skill, a team with you is even better. Dealing with the anti gun movement requires a bigger, better armed movement than one person can handle. San Bernardino County Gun Owners mission is to bring allies into the fight in local government. If you’re concerned about losing more of your gun rights, take a step in making a difference that you can see in your hometown.
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We brought in elected leaders from our community to discuss issues that are important to us. Guests at this meeting were Sheriff John McMahon, Supervisor Dawn Rowe, Senator Mike Morrell, and Assembly Member Jay Obernolte
Do You Know Where They Stand?
The only thing necessary for the Triumph of Evil
is that Good Men Do Nothing.
Find out which elected officials respect your 2A rights, and which ones would rather strip them away.
How to Get your San Bernardino CCW
Watch how to get your initial San Bernardino County CCW, or how to renew it
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