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Weekly Email 2/18: SBCGO – Train with John Correia!


Cover your ASP
Learn & Train with John Correia from Active Self Protection
For the first time ever, Gun Owners Radio is excited to invite you to a week filled with fun, education, and training lead by self-defense expert John Correia! Events for everyone including prospective gun owners, experienced gun owners, friends, and family. Hurry and get your tickets before early bird pricing goes away! 
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Mark Your Calendars!
Mark your calendars and join us on Thursday February 25th at 7:00 pm for our monthly meeting. We’ll discuss latest updates and welcome special guest Rich Yumul, Gun Owners Radio Producer.
ZOOM ID: 883 4398 3435
Gun Owners Radio
On this week’s episode of Gun Owners Radio Amanda Suffecool from Eye on the Target Radio hangs out with the Gun Owners radio crew, Fenix Ammo deciding not to sell to Biden voters, is it a good idea to flee California to a free state?, and more!
New Blog Post: Flee California to a Free State – A Good Plan?
California is one of the most beautiful states in the country and those of us living here should feel blessed with our good fortune. Notice I said should. California unfortunately is curse with one of the worst governments
We Need You On Our Side!
Together, We Will Win
But We Can’t Do It Without You
We need both people and money in the fight for our Second Amendment Rights. We will continue to elect 2A friendly officials that will make a difference in San Bernardino County
Paid for by San Bernardino County Gun Owners Political Action Committee FPPC ID # 1422623
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