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Weekly Email 01/13/2020: San Bernardino County Gun Owners PAC!

Together, We Will Win!

But We Can’t Do It Without You!

We’re off to a Fast Start!
Our first 30 days has gotten off to a fast start. Here are some of the things we’ve done so far:
  • Launched Facebook and Website Pages
  • Designed and Received SBGunOwners Merchandise to show your pride
  • Attended San Bernardino Gun Show
  • Recruited 3 Board Members
  • Began surveying 43 County and City Candidates for their Second Amendment Support
  • 15 Members Signed Up including 7 Patriots, 7 Challenge, and our First 10 Ring Member
Join us for Our First Meeting!
We will be holding our first meeting for SBGunOwners this month in Redlands at Evolution Sports. We have arranged for some very special speakers to update you on everything that’s going on in Sacramento, and to reinforce what you can do about it. Everyone is welcome! Learn more and RSVP Here
Will Speak at our January Meeting!
Hear what’s happening in Sacramento…
Brian W. Jones was elected in 2018 to serve California’s 38th Senate district. He is Chair of the Senate Republican Caucus.He became well known for his annual Second Amendment Awareness event, which educated his constituents on their Second Amendment rights and helped attendees learn how to control a firearm safely. Jones’ commitment to improving the lives of all Californians resulted in many awards including California Rifle and Pistol Association Outstanding Leader (2016)
He is running for Congress in the 50th District.
Learn how to get your CCW…
Sheriff McMahon believes in the issuance of CCW permits to law abiding citizens, and the Sheriff’s Employee Resources Department is very helpful in completing the process. Sheriff McMahon often comes into classes and stresses his belief that citizens with a CCW make our community safer.
Find out how easy it is by clicking Here .
The Next 30 Days…
  • Complete Evaluation of Candidates for Primary and Produce Voter Guide
  • Endorsed candidates will have an opportunity to share their candidacy at our February Meeting
  • March Meeting will feature a CCW Workshop
  • Secure 3 Additional Board Members
Together We Will Win!
But We Can’t Do It Without You!
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