Where Do You Stand?

You wouldn’t think so, but it’s tough to get officials to respond to discover whether they are for us or against us. It seems like such a basic part of being a candidate or elected official: telling people where you stand. We’re getting better at discovering the answers, but we need your help.

San Bernardino County Gun Owners asks both candidates and current elected officials to complete a survey about their Second Amendment positions. Our questionnaire has 10 focused questions to not only gauge their support, but also to determine if they are willing to help us in the fight for our rights.

Often officials will open our email, view the questionnaire, and abandon it without completing it (especially if they are not supporters). We never tracked those looks before, but we are now moving anyone that doesn’t respond from “Undecided” to “Thumbs Down”. If they cannot stand for us, we certainly will not stand for them.

But there is a lot of good news we received as a result of our efforts.

Here’s just a sampling of the results from questionnaires we got back…

  • Colton City Councilmember Jack Woods was elected in 2016. He is an Air Force veteran and a retired Police officer, and started his service in politics as a Colton Planning Commissioner. He answered all of our questions that he not only supported the position, but would actively help us. His closing comments on our questionnaire read “I do not support any infringement by City, County, or State ordinance that imposes limitation on or possession and or ownership of any legal firearms in the United States of America.” His term of office will be up this November, and he will be running for the same office again. We will need to support him in his reelection campaign.
  • Rialto City Councilmember Ed Scott was elected to the Rialto City Council in 1996. He has been reelected every year due to his stand to support law enforcement and his conservative financial values. He pledged to not only support, but to actively “help us in our mission to gain ground” on all 10 questions. His term doesn’t end till 2022.
  • Janice Rutherford was elected as the County Supervisor for the Second District of San Bernardino in 2010. She has a long history of public service. She was elected to the Fontana City Council, where she served 3 terms before the County Supervisor position. Supervisor Rutherford answers to our questionnaire were a little different. She indicated that she would support, but would not help to support our questions on the “Assault” Weapon Ban and the efforts to declare San Bernardino a sanctuary county. In her comments she wrote “I haven’t studied the Second Amendment Sanctuary issue enough to agree to actively support at this time, but I am open to additional study and support” Before the lockdown happened, her Secretary reached out to me to schedule a meeting to meet with her, well before she completed the survey. Although she’s not 100% in our court, I’m taking her willingness to explore both of these issues that are so often misunderstood as a positive sign and look forward to meeting with her.

Did you know about these three officials?  Did you know about their Second Amendment stance?  These are just a few examples of the responses we received back so far.  These are the kinds of people we need to support and, especially in the case of Supervisor Rutherford, educated.

Local politics matter. The local bench strength is where state and national players are recruited.  The only reason our gun stores and ranges are open is because Sheriff John McMahon was elected to office. We have a lot of work to do in the County, but we ask that you engage in helping us to identify Second Amendment supporters that you know in one of our 28 Cities or numerous School or Water Boards, close to 500 people in our county in government service.

Together, We Will Win, but We Can’t Do It Without You. On May 1 we’re going to move candidates that didn’t respond from “Undecided” to “Thumbs Down”. We need you to help us find the officials in our communities that support our rights. It’s often been said there are 3 kinds of people-
-People that Make Things Happen
-People that Watch Things Happen
-People that Wonder What Happened

You have a choice, Be the One that Makes a Difference. Get engaged and Join in our Fight

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