Want your CCW in San Bernardino County? Here’s how…

If you’ve decided you’d like to get your Concealed Carry Permit and are fortunate enough to live in San Bernardino, this post will give you step-by-step instructions on how to apply for your California CCW in San Bernardino County and how to craft your good cause statement.

Disclosures! We are NOT attorneys and the information in this video is NOT legal advice.  Even if you follow our instructions, there is no guarantee that the sheriff will issue you a permit.  This information is the best information we have on how to complete your CCW application and what information they need in your good cause statement.

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions.

  • The San Bernardino County sheriff issues a California CCW that is honored throughout the state of California, but there is no reciprocity with any other state. California has no formal agreement with any other state to honor their CCW.
  • You can have up to 3 guns on your CCW and those guns can only be switched in and out only at the time of your renewal. You must qualify with a Sheriff’s instructor on each gun.
  • The sheriff is looking to make sure that your guns on your CCW are, for the most part, stock. However, you may make any modification you would like so long that you remain compliant with California gun laws.  And your firearms must be registered to you in the state of California. If you are married, at least one gun must be registered to you, and the other two guns may be registered to your spouse so long that you provide a marriage certificate.



Process for new CCW.

Start online with their application.  Here is the website address: sbcounty.gov/sheriff/ccw-faq/

Once you have read the entire webpage including the FAQs, Click on the “NEW Application Process” and complete the forms on all the links before your appointment.

The application is very straight forward.  Enter your basic contact information, background information, and your good cause statement.  We will go into depth on good cause later in the video.

There are a few questions that we want to make sure you pay close attention to.

Where it asks you to list all traffic violations. They want only “moving violations, All motor vehicle accidents, and only in the last 5 years.  If you absolutely get stuck, the clerks can assist you, but don’t withhold any info.

Another question is “Have you ever been convicted of any criminal offense?”  They want you to list civilian AND military convictions.  If the answer is “yes”, give thorough and accurate details.

If you are wondering about an incident that is NOT a conviction…don’t list it here.

There is one “catch all” question”.

“Have you withheld any fact that might affect the decision to approve this license?”

For this answer, list every interaction with law enforcement or the courts.  It might require a separate piece of paper, but over disclose.  What you don’t want to do, is withhold something and then they find out.  That could result in a denial and be considered a “good moral character issue”.

When applying for your California CCW through the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s department, you are not required to provide character references or a psychological evaluation. You do not need “permission from your employer”, but you do need an employment verification.

So what IS required? 

  • Supporting documentation, bring originals plus one copy.
  • Be prepared to scan a copy of your valid California driver’s license, or state issued ID, which has your current address in San Bernardino County. Your state issued ID must have your current residential or mailing address.
  • Also provide copies of one of your most recent utility bills, with no PAST DUE amount, that shows your name and service address. It must be a gas, electric, or trash bill.
  • Current property tax bill, grant deed, or rental agreement showing your name. If you do not have any of these, contact Employee Resources-CCW Unit.
  • County certified marriage certificate for each marriage if you have ever used a different last name or to add a spouse’s gun to your permit.
  • County certified birth certificate, naturalization papers or green card
  • Military discharge DD214 form, including discharge status.
  • Be sure that each firearm you are listing on your Concealed Carry Weapon license is registered in California and registered to you or your spouse/registered domestic partner.

If you have questions you can call the Employee Resources Department at 909-387-0604, but they prefer that you email them at ccwinfo@sbcsd.org

So how much is this going to cost me?

You must obtain two separate postal money orders (from the Post Office) made payable to San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department (SBSD) due at the time of your interview.

  • Fingerprinting $119 (postal money order only)
  • 20% of the administrative/background fees- $31.20 (postal money order only)

At the time of your training class you must also bring 2 additional postal money orders for:

  • SBSD Range Fee – $112.00 (money order payable to SBSD)
  • Final fee- $124.80, the remaining 80% of the administrative background fee.

That is a total of $387

Here are some additional tips to help you in your application:

  • You can still apply if you are not a US Citizen by bringing in your original naturalization papers or green card.
  • Your firearm must be registered to you in the State of California at the time of your application.

Your Good Cause statement? 

California state law requires good cause in order to be issued a permit by the sheriff.

So what is the sheriff looking for?  “Good Cause” has to do with your risk level compared to the general public and not how good you are with a firearm.

Here are a couple of questions we get a lot.

Q: Can I just say, “self defense” or “personal protection” or “the Second Amendment”?

A: No. By state law, the sheriff cannot issue with that as your good cause statement.

Q: Can I just show them my certifications from the various gun classes I have taken?

A: They won’t issue based on proficiency.  Good cause has to do with why you might be a target.

Q: So what can I use?

A: You can still say “self defense”, but you have to give an explanation.

Step 1: Start with the ask.

Tell the sheriff what you are requesting and generally why.

Here’s an example: “I am asking to be issued a CCW so I can legally carry a firearm concealed for self-defense outside the home because I ____________.” And then say why you are asking.

Step 2: Give the who, what, where, how, when details.

What activity or profession you are involved with where you would carry a firearm to protect yourself.

Make the case for why you are a target.  Who will attack you? Why will they attack you? Where will you be attacked? When will you be attacked? How will they attack you?

A general model to follow would be…….

As a ___(state what you do)____, I __(state the activity you perform)____ and that makes me a target for ___(state what people who want to attack you)___

Remember, “Good Cause” has to do with your risk level compared to the general public and not how good you are with a firearm.

Step 3 – Make a Request for Your Permit.

Here are a couple examples:

  • I am asking to be issued a CCW so I can legally carry a firearm for self defense outside the home to be able to protect myself and my family from criminals that might want to harm us.
  • I am a realtor that frequently shows houses to people that that I do not know and are frequently alone in empty houses. I fear that a criminal will attack or kill me when I am in a vulnerable position. For these reasons, I am requesting that I be granted a concealed weapons permit so that I can protect myself.
  • I sell high value widgets for XYZ Company, and frequently carry supplies with me when I travel. I fear that I may become a target for these widgets and that criminals will target me and may hurt or kill me in taking them away.

Put your Statement together and put it into your own words. Include as much detail as you feel necessary, keeping in mind that specific events or threats may need to be supported with documentation including police reports. As with all the other steps of this process, do not embellish your story. Keep your story short, accurate, and verifiable.

Renewal Process

You renew your CCW every 2 years.  A half day class is required for renewal.  You should start the renewal process about 60-90 days before your CCW expires by calling the Employee Resources Department at 909-387-3750 to schedule your renewal class. Paperwork can be completed before or after your renewal class. The paperwork can be downloaded  from sbcounty.gov/sheriff/ccw. You must fillout the ENTIRE renewal application and print it out. DO NOT SIGN IT. You must complete the renewal by coming into the Employee Resources Department where you will sign it there. They are open Monday thru Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Good luck and give us feedback!  It is exciting news that San Bernardino County residents will have an easier time exercising your right to carry!  If you haven’t already, join San Bernardino County gun owners for as little as $10 a month and get involved fighting to restore and protect your second amendment rights!





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