Important Update about San Bernardino Second Amendment Rights

I spoke to Sheriff McMahon this morning and he gave very quick and definitive answers to Second Amendment questions arising out of Coronavirus Pandemic.

  1. Gun Stores are considered Essential Businesses. The Sheriff will take no action to push them to close. Sheriff McMahon made a public statement to this effect yesterday in response to reporters calling about the LA Sheriff’s decision.
  2. CCW program remains a priority for the Sheriff. Although classes have been suspended temporarily, if there are current permit holders that are coming up on expiration, please contact the CCW unit at so that they can work out an alternative. He indicated that at some point there may need to be a legislative solution to this, but that his staff was working to make accommodations.
  3. Inmates are not being released early from the San Bernardino Sheriff jail system. At the current time, they have implemented social distancing education and frequent hand washing in the jail population, as well as monitoring the inmate’s health for COVID symptoms. He added that the jail population was actually lower than capacity which also helped with their actions.

I also spoke yesterday to County Supervisor Dawn Rowe and County Supervisor Curt Hagman about the gun store issue, and they both considered Gun Stores as Essential Businesses. I have not yet heard from Supervisors Rutherford, Gonzales, or Lovingood.

If you hear anything about your City having discussions about any of these issues, please Once again, we are very fortunate to have a Sheriff and County Supervisors that strongly believe in our rights under the Second Amendment. Please show your support by:

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  3. Join San Bernardino County Gun Owners. All political efforts require people and money, we need both.

Together, We Will Win!




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