Vote to stand up for your rights!

Our country has a proud legacy that our founders gave us by granting us rights that were unheard of in the world when our nation was being formed. Nearly every nation in the world told you what your religious beliefs were going to be, you had no choice.. The government told you when and where you could assemble to speak out your opinions, you would be imprisoned for unlawful assembly to speak out against the government. You were subject to the whims of the local constable as to when they would search your house, or your person. You got to pay every tax that was assessed without any opportunity for representation. The right to keep and bear arms was not guaranteed by nearly any other nation. One of the most important rights we were given was the ability to vote to select our representatives in government, and it should never be taken for granted.

All of the rights granted us in our Constitution need to be exercised or they will wane, and that especially includes the right to vote. California has 79% of eligible voters registered to vote, but generally only 25% of people registered to vote actually take advantage of that right. Taking this easy, but critical measure in speaking your voice is especially critical for members of any group that has been oppressed. If people had not been willing to step up, often at great personal risk

  • Women would not have the right to vote
  • Slavery would still exist
  • Interracial marriages would not be allowed
  • LGBT people would not have the ability to marry

Our nation’s forefathers got nearly everything right, but there have been corrections made in the original Constitution through the power of representative government and exercising the right to vote.

Gun owners have become a new group that is oppressed in California, and our only solution is to make our voices heard by electing people that will defend our rights, and to toss out the ones that don’t. We have the opportunity to make a change in San Bernardino County in this Primary. If our three endorsed County Supervisor candidates receive more than 50% of the vote, they win the primary and will take office in December without having to go to through the General Election.

Don’t give up your rights! Get out and vote next Tuesday! Be sure to vote for all our endorsed candidates when they appear on your ballot.

  • Paul Cook for County Supervisor District 1
  • Dawn Rowe for County Supervisor District 3
  • Jesse Armendarez for County Supervisor District 5
  • San Bernardino City Council-Either
    • Henry Nickel
    • Peter Torres

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