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Endorsing candidates is an important part of the political process and is a big step towards San Bernardino County Gun Owner’s goal of electing only people who respect our Second Amendment rights.

For SBGunOwners, every day is election season and the next election is always right around the corner.  SBGunOwners is a unique political organization because we focus entirely on local Second Amendment issues.  Because we are unique, it is important to understand the specifics of who, how, and why we endorse.

SBGunOwners endorses only county and city level candidates.  We do not endorse state or federal candidates because other organizations do a great job already and we do not want to duplicate efforts.  We only endorse candidates for City Council, School Board, County Board of Supervisors, judges, Sheriff, and other local boards like water, fire, etc.

SBGunOwners has not endorsed anyone for the 2020 elections yet.  There are 43 candidates running for office in the Primary Election, including 3 County Supervisor positions and City Council elections in San Bernardino and Loma Linda. We are continuing to vet and research in preparation of our meeting in February where endorsements will be discussed.  There will be a list of endorsed candidates before the March primary.

SBGunOwners’ Criteria for Endorsements:

  1. The candidate’s stance on the Second Amendment and Second Amendment issues.  Does the candidate oppose gun bans, ammunition registration, and accessory bans?  Does the candidate support issuing carry permits for the purpose of self-defense?  Will the candidate support a Second Amendment Sanctuary ordinance? Will the candidate do more than just say they support the Second Amendment?  We want to support people who will actively work to protect and restore our Second Amendment rights.
  2. The viability of the candidate’s campaign.  By endorsing a candidate, we are asking our members and supporters to donate money and time to their campaign.  Our endorsement is not just a voting guide. We will not ask our members to give time and money to a candidate who does not have the proper infrastructure in place to win or has not done enough to raise the money needed to get their message to voters.
  3. The candidate’s character.  Even if a candidate is pro-Second Amendment and has a viable campaign, if they have done something that is serious and verifiable to prove they do not have the character to hold public office, we will not endorse.  How can we trust a candidate to do the right thing on the Second Amendment if they cannot do the right thing personally or professionally?

If you have a favorite local candidate or are a candidate, please contact us.  We want to make sure candidates get our questionnaire and that a Board member meets with each candidate.  Once a candidate is endorsed, SBGunOwners will encourage our members to volunteer for and donate to endorsed candidates.  SBGunOwners spends money on behalf of our endorsed candidates to make sure their voters vote for them.

Endorsed or not, SBGunOwners will continue to reward good behavior by candidates/elected officials, and shine a bright light on bad behavior.  We will also evaluate the Second Amendment performance of currently elected officials which will be posted on our website when it is available. For more information, visit us at

Loren Campbell
Executive Director

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