San Bernardino County Gun Owners is dedicated to preserving and restoring San Bernardino County gun rights. SBCGO has developed a strong, permanent infrastructure, that focuses on changing the face of gun ownership by getting volunteers involved in local level activism and outreach. We have made a profound influence and advancement on policies protecting the 2nd Amendment throughout all of San Bernardino County.

SBCGO provides a calendar of activist events and recreational shooting events through a monthly email and the opportunity to get together with a variety of other activists at our monthly organizational meetings. Our members are active in their neighborhood community and joined SBCGO to leverage their efforts together as an influential, effective Second Amendment rights organization.

San Bernardino County gun rights are worth fighting for… JOIN US!

This morning you woke up to a new reality.  You now live under the most anti-gun President and Congress, Assembly and State Senate, and County government in the history of our country. It is now up to us.  Activism is more important than ever.  We cannot do it without you. Become a member today.

Together, We Will Win.


“I like being effective and the kind of activism San Bernardino County Gun Owners focuses on really makes a difference in my community and through the activities I participate in.”


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